Thursday, November 3, 2011



Sibling Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:  SIBE) ("the Company"), today announced that it has completed its audits for FY2009 and FY2010, and that the Company's Form 10k for each period has been filed on the SEC Edgar web site (, as well as the interim reports on Form 10Q through September 30, 2011. As such, the Company believes it is now fully reporting and compliant with its responsibilities as a reporting company.

It also announced that it intends to change the name of the public company to Sibling Group Holdings, Inc., signaling a completed transition from its previous business in the entertainment area, and will now focus, as previously disclosed, on educational technologies and management. It currently has a single operating subsidiary, NEWCO4EDUCATION, LLC, ( or “NEWCO”). NEWCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and was acquired in a December 2010 transaction. Information regarding the transaction can be found on the Company's web site, and at the SEC Edgar web site on Form 8K, filed on January 6, 2011.

“With the audit work completed, and having achieved full reporting status, we will now commence operations,” stated Gerald Sullivan, Chairman of Sibling. He continued, “We have a well-defined plan to enter the education industry with a combination of educational management operations (EMO), and through a set of technology based offerings aimed at improving education. Our team is in place and ready to move forward.”

The Company provides the following information and encourages all current and prospective investors to read the Company's filings on the SEC Edgar web site and on the NEWCO4EDUCATION web site. The Company can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn social media sites.

Fact Data about Sibling Group Holdings, Inc., the parent of NEWCO4EDUCATION, LLC

Corporate Information:
NEWCO4EDUCATION, LLC (NEWCO) is the Operating subsidiary of Sibling Group Holdings, Inc.

The Corporation was formed under the laws of the State of Georgia in 2010. In December 2010 it was acquired by Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (SIBE.PK, or “Sibling”) and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

Stock Information:
Sibling is a Texas corporation.
Trading Symbol SIBE: Pink Sheets
CUSIP Number 825782 10 5
CIK Number 1099728
Primary SIC Industry 8200-11
Shares Outstanding at 9/30/11
The number of shares outstanding of each of the registrant’s classes of common stock as of September 30, 2011 was 62,826,011 shares of Common stock and 9,879,854 shares of series common stock
Number of shareholders at 9/30/11 (per Transfer Agent): 126
Warrants Outstanding at 9/30/11 4,090,000
Options Outstanding at 9/30/11 None

Transfer Agent
Interwest Transfer Company, Inc.
1981 Murray Holladay Road, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
P.O. Box 17136
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
Phone: (801) 272-9294
Fax: (801) 277-3147

Contact Information:
Company Contact Mr. Gerald F. Sullivan, Chairman
Corporate Office: Sibling Group Holdings, Inc.
2180 Satellite Blvd. Suite 400
Duluth, GA 30097-4927
Phone: (404) 551-5274

Legal Counsel
Mr. Gerald Balboni, Esq.
Krevolin & Horst, LLC
One Atlantic Center
1201 W Peachtree Street, NE
Suite 3250
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-888-9700
Fax: 404-888-9577

RRBB Accountants & Advisors
265 Davidson Avenue, Suite 210
Somerset, NJ 08873-4120
Phone: 908-231-1000
Fax: 908-231-6894

Board of Directors
Gerald F. Sullivan, Chairman and Director
Steve Carlson, CEO and Director
Dr. Amy Austin, Director
Mitchell Maxwell, Director
Christian Fitzgerald, Director

Management Team
Gerald F. Sullivan, Chairman and Director
Steve Carlson, CEO
Oswald A. Gayle, CFO

About Sibling Entertainment Group Holding, Inc.
NEWCO4EDUCATION, LLC is a recently formed entity with a focus on providing services and technology aimed at increasing the performance in educational settings. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sibling Group Holdings, Inc., and intends to initially operate through two (2) divisions, its Educational Management Organization (EMO) and its Technology and Services Group (TSG). The EMO intends to provide school management services, primarily within the charter school arena. The TSG division is focused on the development and deployment of software, systems and procedures to enhance the rate of learning in both primary and secondary education. For further information please visit .