Thursday, March 24, 2011

Edgewater Increases Enchi Gold Project Drill Program to 35,000m

- Increases Diamond Drill Program to 35,000m

- Multiple Kilometres of Shallow Gold Mineralization Targets

Mr. George Salamis, President and CEO of Edgewater Exploration Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:EDW)(OTCQX:EDWZF) ("Edgewater" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has significantly expanded its drilling campaign on the Enchi Gold Project ("the Project") in Ghana, West Africa. The Company has signed combined contracts totalling 35,000m of drilling to be conducted in 2011. To accelerate the discovery and delineation of the gold zones on the Project, the Company has recently executed a contract extension with Boart-Longyear guaranteeing a minimum of 30,000m bringing the total combined meterage to 35,000m and one additional drill rig through the 2011 drill campaign. With the expansion of this program, the total number of active drill rigs on the property will be three, with the potential addition of one additional rig in the coming months.

With the increased program, Edgewater will be able to drill multiple gold zones in-parallel, for the purpose of resource delineation, while reserving one rig for testing new high priority gold targets where previous drilling has been sparse or absent. These include the Eradi Gold Zone where three, +3km long gold-in-soil anomalies have been outlined by previous operators with one trench on one of the gold anomalies assaying 1.47g/t gold over 37m. Eradi has not been tested by diamond drilling. (See news release May 5th 2010 for further information on the Eradi Gold Zone.)

George Salamis, President and CEO, states; "Given the multiple kilometres of continuous, shallow gold mineralization encountered in drilling at the Boin and Nyambekyere gold zones, in addition to the untested potential of zones such as Sewum and Eradi, tripling the drill meterage to 35,000m for 2011 with 3 to 4 rigs will greatly accelerate our resource delineation and new target discovery potential."

Mr. Gregory Smith, P.Geo, the Vice-President of Exploration of the Company, is the Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, and is responsible for the accuracy of the technical data and information contained in this news release.

Presented at Miami International Investment Conference

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5W® – A Logical Business Investment

5W Inc. is a SaaS delivery based Microsoft™ centric range of workflow management products. From day one 5W was designed as a pure business play, so let’s dispense with any techno-babble and look at the business logic of why this investment option is the place to put your funds. 

To that purpose, here is a review of the factors which have been the keystones of our design and approach: Market Positioning, Cost-Effective Business Solution, Tight Overhead Management, Brilliant Product Design, Significant Partner Incentives, Massive Customer Design Involvement and Exit Strategy.  Each passed 5W management’s three tiered acid test of: Is it Sellable, Will it be Profitable, and How will it Multiply?

Market Positioning: The customer cost/benefit ratios of a SaaS based delivery (web based, yearly fees paid back in weeks) are so significant that after much study we now believe it to be inevitable. Every major player in the technology market (hardware & software) is spending major funds (billions) to transition into this environment. We are at the perfect juncture, past early adopter moving towards a broad market base.

Cost Effective Business Solution: The problem has become obvious, too much data not enough information in the hands of those who need it. Result: non-revenue producing business areas with unnecessary personnel overhead and a lack of accountability. 

Tight Overhead Management: Part of the brilliant design was to build into the 5W products facilities addressing; major corporate software overhead areas like client support and product training, plus creating an in place, well incentive partnership base, all to minimize the margin eaters of the software industry business.

Brilliant Product Design: The vast majority of all business work-flow management and tracking processes are very similar. So, 5W designed a range of component functions common to all which can easily be reused (like Lego blocks). Now, new products can be delivered in weeks, not years, and our partners can create new product designs (and be compensated heavily for all of their product design sales) by filling out a few forms defining the attributes of their new solution. Every solution or product can interact with all other 5W products.

Significant Partner Incentives: Basically, every time 5W makes a quarter, the applicable partner for that area or product design will also make about 12-15 cents, based upon their level of involvement (they will, so to speak, get to wet their beak with every transaction). Every facet of the sales and marketing plan is predicated on creating and delivering a very tangible vested interest on their part to work with 5W. Since SaaS by its very nature will impact these partners’ current revenue base, new sustained recurring monthly revenues will likely be appreciated.

Massive Customer Design Involvement: Its taken years and two major reiterations of the product to address the business problem from the customer’s perspective of usability and satisfaction, not a vendor’s perspective. Our appreciation goes out to the many folks who sat through demo after demo helping us hone the efficacy of this product line for the real world. 

Exit Strategy: Always start with an exit strategy! In this case, the industry has for all intents and purposes pre-built a process-like approach for applicable ISVs (Independent Software Providers). They treat us like a farm system and buy (billions spent yearly) ISVs, acquiring the most desirable. We have built this product with all Microsoft tools and products, so they find the synergy viable, even if only to keep this out of competitive hands. Seeing the EBITDA numbers starting in year three, the 5W investors may choose to keep the cash cow and disperse large dividends yearly. 

 Is it Sellable, Will it be Profitable, and How will it Multiply? Much more expensive versions of the old delivery mechanism of products of this type (client/server based) are still growing in sales (for many over 100% a year even in this time of fiscal restraint), although profits may be shrinking due to the high support overhead issues (5W won’t have those issues). We had an SVP of capital markets at a substantial firm provide us with independent formula for 5W valuation purposes, now and in the future. The formula are based upon EBITDA, not revenue. They are in our Executive Summary, available at your request. Even if we only hit 50% of our goals under these formulaic restraints, the numbers are significant. Net-net, the product line will hit the market five months after funding to allow for applicable initial marketing and training tasks. We, the 5W management and family and friends, have already spent approximately three million in cash and uncountable sweat equity hours, and we want a home run, not a base hit.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

"eGen winner of the prestigious Connecticut Innovation Pipeline Award"

eGen presents at Miami International Investment Conference

eGen™ is a Connecticut based Renewable Energy Technology (hydrokinetics) Company and Power Developer and a leader in the low water flow energy market.
The Company has developed an innovative renewable energy technology capable of operating in low water flow applications (1-3 feet per second). This capability allows eGen to operate in over 90% of the rivers in the US and the world. No other player has been identified that is capable of operating at the same low water speeds as eGen.
The Company’s renewable energy solution uses a phenomenon called the Magnus effect to generate substantial amounts of energy from low flow currents. Through the innovative use of rotating Magnus cylinders, eGen’s technology is able to generate up to three times more energy than a similarly sized competitor. 
eGen is currently seeking capital for further information please contact
Powering a sustainable future through the use of reliable Hydrokinetics